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Monday, February 3, 2014

Route 66 in 100 Words

A little late to this week's game, but let's hope fashionably late is still acceptable.

This week, over at Lance's Myblogcanbeatupyourblog weekly meme, the 100 Word song is a cover by an old classic, about a classic road. Written in 1946 by Bobby Troup, is was first recorded by Nat King Cole, then covered by Chuck Berry, The Stones and many others. For this week's writing exercise, Lance has chosen the cover by Depeche Mode.

For any newbies, we take a song as inspiration and write exactly 100 words of prose, poetry, whatever. So here's my 100 words about "Route 66."

Laid out ahead, she’s a history lesson just waiting to be learned.

The road, a better teacher than any school. This one’s full of stories, ghosts and a time before now.  They tried to make her irrelevant, but even covered with dust, she knew getting somewhere fast wasn’t always the reason for going.

And before too long, the next generation would learn.

And they would get the itch, just like me. The itch to see her as she is, and imagine what she once was, and to feel it.

Without AC in this old ’55, it shouldn’t be too hard.

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  1. Love this Kath. And fashionably late is still in style! :) Thanks linking up.

  2. I just had a dream about Route 66 and now I'm reading about it here, hmm... roadtrip time? Thanks for sharing!

    1. I believe in any reason for a road trip. this seems to almost be an intervention. thanks for getting off at this exit.

  3. I love the way this is written! Also love the song you posted.

    1. Thanks Donetta, I've always wanted to ride down a good portion of Rt. 66. I've always loved the history of it.