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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Benmont Tench “You Should Be So Lucky” Album Review

Starting off a Monday morning by listening to some new releases, the first four albums became unlistenable after hearing barely ten minutes of each. As I looked down the list of recent releases, a cover photo got my attention because of its simplicity: a man and his piano. A quick look at the genre told me it was indie rock, and so I thought I would give this one last album a shot. All I really wanted at this point was something a little easier on the ears. What I heard, was so much more.

You Should Be So Lucky (Blue Note) is the first solo album by veteran keyboardist, and founding member of The Heartbreakers (as in Tom Petty and), Benmont Tench. A man known for his fingers, but not his vocals, this debut album is a fine example of waiting until you have something to say, and saying it without pretense or pushing too hard.

In music sometimes less is more, and that principle applies completely to You Should Be So Lucky. Conjure up a sound with equal parts of Tom Waits and Elvis Costello, then add a dusting of Dylan like the powdered sugar on a New Orleans beignet, and you get the overall feel of Lucky.

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Benmont Tench “You Should Be So Lucky” review 

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