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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lake Street Dive, Listen Up

Today marks the release of an album I actually pre-ordered. That almost never happens.

Bad Self Portraits is the newest music from Lake Street Dive, a band who got together in 2005 after meeting at Boston's New England Conservatory. Led by the incredible vocals of Rachael Price, the band combines, soul, pop, a little jazz and a whole lot of delightfulness.

Over the past year or so, their video of the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," sung on a Boston street corner, has gone viral and for good reason.

The band recently made their TV debut on The Colbert Report, upstaged Marcus Mumford and Joan Baez at a concert to promote Inside Llewyn Davis the film by the Coen Brothers. Influences: 60s groups, Motown, throw in some 70s and a little jazz. The band: Rachael Price, vocals; Bridget Kearney, stand-up bass; Mike Calabrese, drums; Mike Olsen, guitar/trumpet, combine interesting musical arrangements, great harmonies and outstanding vocals. From what I've seen, they work hard at their craft, and seems to have fun doing it. Check out this cover of Fleetwood Mac's 'Second Hand News."

You know when a band is just on the verge of taking the next step... that's Lake Street Dive right now. As I write this, I'm taking a first listen to the the new album. You can check that out on their website

Take a listen to the title song off Bad Self Portraits, good stuff right there.  You're welcome.



  1. I have to check this out. Thanks for the heads up Kath. A cover of Second Hand News? These are my people!

  2. They are your people, and mine too.

  3. OK this is phenomenal! I can see why you love it! I will definitely be listening more, and probably right behind you on the purchase! Thanks for the intro, I will be more than happy to share this through ROTR and get them a teeny bit more press :-)

  4. Thanks Jen, that would be very cool.