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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Looking Evil In The Eye: Lucretia MacEvil

This was not a great week in our country.

How do you make sense of senseless evil? You can't, so you look it in the eye and spit at it. And you start to live again, start to feel again, start to breathe again. Good luck Boston.

It's a Saturday night and I have taken off writing for a couple of days, I'm tired. Spent the day cleaning and doing the winter clothes out, summer clothes in routine. I hate that shit. After which I went to the mall, and I never go to the mall anymore. Then I went back to the liquor store I wrote about in a post titled "In A Wine Store It's Not All Rose." I hate that damn store. So here I am, ready to nod off, but needing to write a little something.

So I did.

Over at Lance's My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog, the pick for this week's 100 Word Song Challenge is from a band I featured not too long ago, Blood, Sweat and Tears. My post featured a song called "Sometimes in Winter." with the lead vocal by Steve Katz. But BS&T had most of their hits with David Clayton Thomas as the front man, and today's pick is one of them.

The story of an evil, man-stealing, wild, wicked woman, "Lucretia MacEvil" reached the Top 30 in 1970, and it features great horns and a great arrangement,

As always, we use exactly 100 words, using the song as a prompt, to write a story, poem, grocery list, whatever inspiration you get from the song.

Here's mine:

“She’s losing blood quickly, time to decide.” 

All his mistakes raced through his mind. It was time to pay up. It wasn't supposed to be this way. There should have been time to re-negotiate the contract. Out of time and out of options.

“What’s your choice? Do you raise this child alone, or do I let your wife live? Personally, I don’t think it’s much to ask. Seeing how you've turned out, it’s not a stretch to think your baby girl would follow me anyway. This just seals the deal.”

John MacEvil spit at the demon and whispered “Save her.”

My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog


  1. ok that was a little out there.kinda twisted but then again you do like that.

  2. definitely twisted! So is the child Lucretia or is it his wife?

    And is he choosing between his wife and his child? Or is he deciding whether he really loves his wife and maybe he should let her die? I'm a little confuzzled :)

  3. Lulu is the child. This was an explanation of why she is what she is. He chose to let his wife live, giving Lulu a predestined future. Thanks for reading, sorry about the confusion.

  4. Have you ever read the comic Hellblazer or seen the movie based off it, Constantine with Keanu Reeves? This story reminds me of that world of moral ambiquity and dimension straddling.

    Anyway, that last line was worth a 1000 words. well done.

    great cap to a bad week.

    1. Around the time I hit puberty I gave up comic books for record albums, so never read any of that stuff. And really not a fan of the whole fantasy genre. I do like demons and bad women though.

      Thanks Lance. appreciate the kind words.

  5. Seems it was an easy choice for him. Of course they can always try again...

  6. I like twisted too. That was stellar Kat. I'm headed over to read your wine store post now. Now that I do my Cocktail Saturday thing, I like going into liquor stores and browsing. I never used to go in them; had no idea what was what. Now I'm like a kid at Toys r Us. They've got like a zillion vodka flavors. lol

  7. Thanks Linda. Every couple of months I subject myself to this snobbish liquor store because they have a great wine, beer & booze selection at great prices. But the staff is downright punchable.