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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Beth Hart: Bang Bang Boom Boom

Some artists work for years to achieve success and never attain it. Some attain it and lose themselves in the process. Only the really lucky and determined ones reach the top of the mountain a second time.

Such appears to be the case with Beth Hart. Back in the 90's her star was on the rise with a breakout song, "LA Song (Out of This Town)" appearing on Beverly Hills 90210 and she was headlining a tour. Inner conflicts of drugs, alcohol and an undiagnosed bi-polar disorder turned a successful career into a downward spiral. It was only through good fortune, love and determination that she has emerged from the depths stronger and more capable of singing the blues.

Her new album Bang Bang Boom Boom has just been released and Beth is touring again as a headline act. Playing last night at the Crossroads Festival at Madison Square Garden with some of the biggest names in the music world, Beth Hart has come full circle.

Bang Bang Boom Boom is an interesting blues ride. For my full review, please jump over to Beth Hart's "Bang Bang Boom Boom" Album Review at



  1. Hi

    Don't forget her work with Joe Bonamassa - the 'Don't Explain' album was well good....... and her vocals on 'I'll Take Care Of You' and 'Sinner's Prayer' on JB's Beacon Theater DVD..... !!

    A fantastic lady........ now where did I put that basketball ?

    Take care

    1. Hi Ismael, if you click on the link to the review, I do reference the "Don't Explain" album, and there's a taste of the title song to hear. She is terrific. By the way, I think you left the basketball in a bar in Rhode Island. lol

  2. Give me a break !!

    I'm an old Luddite & I'm just lucky if I can switch my computer on !!

    Keep writing....... it's fun reading & - maybe next time - I'll find a "link".... what ever it is. ?!
    Thank the Lord for my nurse !!

    "More morphine please - I've got to go back to Rhode Island".

    It's late, it's time for bed !!

    1. you are too funny. ok lesson 101. Go back to the post and the last line where it says Beth Hart's Bang Bang Boom Boom in orange, just put your mouse over it and right click it. should take you to the review. thanks for reading and writing, and keep coming back.