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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sometimes in Winter

In the late 60's a band came onto the scene with music incorporating a little jazz, a little folk and a little rock. They had a horn section, played a variety of music and would record songs by writers such as Laura Nyro, James Taylor, the Rolling Stones and Billie Holiday.

Over the years band members would come and go, but the era where they had their greatest success was when David Clayton-Thomas was their lead singer. The band was Blood, Sweat and Tears.

Many of their songs are quite well known: "Spinning Wheel,"  "And When I Die," and "You Made Me So Very Happy," to name a few. All those songs were sung by Clayton-Thomas. But there was one song by BS&T which always stood out to me, and with seasonal storms and cold weather throughout the country, it seems like a good time to shine a little light on it.

From the Grammy winning Album of the Year, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and written and sung by Steve Katz, one of the founding members, the song is "Sometimes in Winter."

"Sometimes in Winter 
I gaze into the streets 
and walk through snow and city sleet 
behind your room 

Sometimes in Winter 
forgotten memories 
remember you behind the trees 
with leaves that cried 

By the window once I waited for you 
laughing slightly you would run 
trees alone would shield us in the meadow 
makin' love in the evening sun 

Now you're gone girl 
and the lamp posts call your name 
I can hear them 
in the spring of frozen rain

Now you're gone girl 
and the times slow down till dawn 
It's a cold room
and the walls ask where you've gone 

Sometimes in winter 
I love you when the good times 
seem like memories in the spring 
that never came 

Sometimes in winter 
I wish the empty streets 
would fill with laughter from your tears 
to ease my pain"

and a rare live performance from 1971...

The stark crispness of the vocal contrasts perfectly with the lush orchestration. Wonderful.

It's just a song to keep you warm...sometimes in winter.



  1. I love this album!

    And I will always have fond memories of dancing with C down the Old Vegas strip, like ballerinas on crack, singing along rather loudly as "Spinning Wheel" was played during the light show.

  2. ballerinas on crack..I may steal that one. So glad I brought back a great memory for you. Why not do a little dancing tonight?