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Monday, April 22, 2013

Richie Havens... And I Say, It's Alright

Richie Havens died today.

While most people have heard the name and many are familiar with his iconic set at Woodstock, where his ad lib performance of "Freedom" became one of the enduring portraits of the festival, Richie Havens was so much more.

Over his career he cut a bunch of records, but Richie Havens was a live performer. A singer mostly known for covering other songwriters, he was also an actor and environmentalist. About a year ago, after undergoing kidney surgery, Havens called it quits on the touring portion of his career. Tonight, a heart attack became his final curtain call.

Let's taste a few covers, including my favorite. I don't think anyone does this song better than Richie Havens. Written by Bob Dylan, Havens was born to sing it.

"Just Like A Woman"

Another Dylan song most notably done by Joan Baez, Havens cover is remarkably intense.

"Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands"

And from The Beatles, one smoking version of  "Here Comes The Sun"

...and I say it's alright.

Easy Journey Richie.


  1. To see him perform live.......priceless

    A voice that will be missed....:-(

    1. A gentle soul with a wonderful voice and spirit.

  2. Easy journey, yes.

  3. saw him play the big stage,now he will be playing the main stage,rip good man