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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston: The Sky Is Cryin'

"The sky is cryin.... 
Can't you see the tears roll down the street"

In 1959 blues legend Elmore James wrote a song which would become a standard, performed by... well, just about everyone. And while the song will be featured, today it's not about the song. It's about Boston.

For me, the day was filled with anticipation. I was going into the city for a show I will be reviewing. I'm sure the day was filled with anticipation for the runners in the Boston marathon, their families and friends. As it was Patriot's Day and a holiday in the city, I'm sure thousands of people anticipated a beautiful spring day where the possibilities were endless.

I'm not sure anyone anticipated loss of life, limb and another layer of innocence.

Surely not the father of an eight-year old boy who was waiting at the finish line to smile with love and pride at his dad. A smile that father will now only see in his dreams. As time goes on we will hear the stories of courage, of almosts, of if onlys. Boston has now joined the group in which no city wants to belong. And if you're not from Atlanta, New York, Oklahoma City, D.C., and a few others, you can empathize, you can feel, but you can't quite grasp what it does to your heart, your guts, your soul. And your innocence.

Times heals, and raw emotions slip away. But for today, for Boston, for a little boy's dad and for all of us...
the sky is cryin'


  1. Everyone involved are in our prayers.... unfortunately, we were watching live, as it happened....

    Love & prayers to everyone.