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Monday, November 5, 2012

Find Fault Somewhere Else

I woke up in a pretty good mood this morning, should have known it wouldn't last.

Going through the overnight news articles, fun stuff, weird stuff...just looking for something to write about. The election is always fun, and I was going to take a day off from Sandy. Then I ran across this clip which appeared on Fox & Friends.

Sandy's Benefit Concert on NBC: Is it a concert for Obama?

In short, the "friends" over there believe since the concert was so quickly put together, and had performers who were mostly democrats, there had to be a hidden agenda into making this a pre-election rally for Obama. Ok, let me try to edit myself as I go.

First of all, dear god I am getting more pissed, anyone with half a brain would realize the sooner you ask for donations after a disaster, the more money you will receive. As time goes by, the mind automatically begins to tune out, as overload sets in. It happened with 9/11, it happened with Katrina. We have all heard the saying, strike while the iron is hot. Nowhere does it mean more than with charity. There is a finite amount of time between empathy and apathy. Life goes on and if you are not directly affected, other things become increasingly more important.

Second, in questioning where were all the conservative performers? With the exception of British born Sting, who has owned a home in NYC for years, all the other performers were from the NY/NJ area. That was the reasoning behind their involvement. And geographically speaking, the fact that both NY and NJ are traditionally blue states, is it so unusual to find the talent on the show to be more democratic leaning?

And for the life of me, I do not understand what the insert of Kanye West idiotic statement against former President Bush during the Katrina benefit, had to do with anything they were talking about.

With a major news network so slanted as to find fault in citizens doing whatever they can to help others out in a time of need, scares the hell out of me. People look to these networks for the news...which should be presented as such. Increasingly, news networks are becoming shills for whichever political party their company's editorial policy dictates.

They...are becoming the problem.

So now, a little music to go with today's rant.
A quick tune from John Mellencamp to calm me down. It also beautifully states my feeling for today.

"Peaceful World"

"Come on baby take a ride with me
I'm up from Indiana down to Tennessee
Everything is cool as can be
In a peaceful world

People know this world is a wreck
We're sick and tired of being politically correct
If I see through it now but I didn't at first
The hypocrites made it worse and worse
Lookin' down their noses at what people say
These are just words and words are okay
It's what you do and not what you say
If you're not part of the future then get out of the way"

It's what you do and not what you say. If you're not part of the future then get out of the way.


  1. I can't watch Fox News Channel at all. I would go insane. They vigorously complain of a media bias and have one of their own. It's disgraceful for them to say things like that. But then again, all they care about is having Obama ousted.

  2. They are the worst by far, but CNN isn't too far behind in the other direction either. I just want NEWS. Whatever happened to reporting the FACTS and letting people form their own opinions. That being said, Fox news makes me throw things at the TV, so I can't watch it anymore either.

  3. Unfortunately some people make it their personal mission to attack those trying to make a difference. I've never been able to figure out their motives. On the positive side, the telethon raised a crapload of money for the victims! That's what I choose to focus on. As far as Fox News and CNN specifically .... anything they're saying, I'm bound to have the exact opposite viewpoint.

    Kudos for calling em out, Kat.

  4. I am very far removed from ever calling myself a journalist, but there should still be some basic principles followed when media is speaking to the masses. Fair and balanced, my ass.

  5. I was so offended by that. Anyone who lives in this area, knows how widespread the devastation is. And as we all know, the public has a fairly limited attention span (oh, look! a cookie!) so it's important to do everything possible to get the word out soon and bring aid to those who need it the most.

    And we wonder why our country is so divided.

    When I heard of the concert, a political bias was far from my mind. I couldn't help but think of how neat it was that Bon Jovi and Stewart and Fallon and, of course, Springsteen were putting this together.

  6. And I really don't think anyone on the left would have had a problem if Ted Nugent or Kid Rock played on the bill. It was only a matter of timing, who was available on short notice and who felt strongly about stepping up to the plate. rock on.