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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Celebrating with Joe Walsh: Yeah Life's Been Good

Happy Birthday Joe Walsh.

You hear the guitar, you know. He's up there, one of the few whose guitar playing is instantly recognizable. Think "Funk 49", think "Rocky Mountain Way." Good Stuff.

From the early days with the James Gang, through Barnstorm, the Eagles and throughout his solo career, the guitar of Joe Walsh sings, cries and sometimes hits you in the face. Creatively massaging notes, his playing is always interesting , usually taking you on an unexpected ride.

Not gonna do the hits today, instead let's sample a couple of oldies and something new. And if you want to have some fun, go over to Live From Daryl's House and check out last week's show where Daryl Hall welcomed Joe Walsh for an hour of talk and music. Real Good Stuff.

Released in 1985, "The Confessor"
A taste off his newest album Analog Man, "Wrecking Ball"
And one of my favorites... "Turn to Stone"

Blow out the candles Joe, and shred a little guitar.


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