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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Yet Another Tribute: Davy Jones

Another week, another premature loss in the music world. Forever young Monkee Davy Jones passed away yesterday and left legions of middle aged women remembering when we were young, and he was the cutest thing to ever cross the Atlantic.

When the TV Show first appeared on TV, it was dumb was the Marx Brothers with music.  And it was always about the music. Every episode showcased Davy, Mickey, Peter and Mike singing a song in the most improbable ways.  Known as the band that Hollywood manufactured, their songs were written by some of the greatest songwriters of the time..Neil Diamond, Carole King, Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart, just to name a few.  Except for the fans, it was hard to find anyone in the music industry who took them seriously.

Davy Jones started out as an actor.  My mother actually saw him pre-Monkees, on Broadway as The Artful Dodger in Dicken's Oliver Twist.  For me, that was insanely cool.

The death of the first Monkee will never shatter the world as did the death of the first Beatle, John Lennon.  But his untimely death reminds us that even though the pictures we will surely see in the next few days, are of a very young man, he along with the rest of us, had long since passed the torch of youth to a couple of new generations.

Today's sample is the song I remember from the TV show where Davy is walking along the beach singing this song about whoever the girl was in that particular week...and Davy always had a girl.

"I Wanna Be Free"

You are Davy. Easy Journey.



  1. If this tune does not put a tear in your eyes you are not human!

    Davy Jones always in our hearts....