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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Night With Sister Sparrow & The Dirtybirds

Bowery Ballroom, Manhattan.

Sister Sparrow & the Dirtybirds are a nine-piece band fronted by one sassy as hell singer with a huge voice.  Arleigh Kinchloe is Sister Sparrow.  The Dirtybirds are definitely not her backup band. Each of the boys brings their own tasty morsels to the table. No basic instrument lineup here, they start with an alto sax, trombone, baritone sax, trumpet...add in guitar, bass and drums...and finish it with harmonica used as a main event.  Nice indeed.

Blues, soul, it what you will, but they are a tight group with talent, great musicianship and an exciting stage presence. As the main writer for the group, Sister Sparrow has created some interesting ways to present her vocal style.  The Dirtybirds, comprised of family and friends, are individually showcased through the set, allowing you to feel the strengths of each member. Tasty as hell.  A couple of covers, "Up On Cripple Creek" and most notably The Stones, "Miss You," also show their skills of arrangement and interpretation.

Review: Make them a go-see.

Some extra samples today.

"Make It Rain"
"Untie My Shoelaces"
"Freight Train"

 Taste them all.

Opening act for Sister Sparrrow & the Dirtybirds was American Babies. Quick review...up & down. Some memorable moments. Their keyboardist Adam Flicker is certainly the real deal, and their harmonies were better than decent, but beyond opening act.

For the story of the evening leading up to this show...check out "Oy, What A Night" on Kat's Theory of Life.


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