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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sittin In For One Tasty Treat

Really great rock, fine vocals, plenty of guitar and mandolin work to go around...and easy on the eyes. That's pretty much the way I would describe the taste of the day.  To say I saw them play live a few times is a gross understatement. If they played in the NY tri-state area three times in a week, well chances are I was at all three shows.

As I recall, my initiation with Loggins and Messina began back 123 years ago, when I worked part time in a store that would later be known as K-Mart.  There was a guy (isn't there always) who, as a way to...well you know, I'll go with impress me, would start to sing...

"you don't need change in your pocket, 
you don't need soles on your shoes
to make a woman feel wanted."

True, but a burger and beer might be nice. But I digress.

The song was "To Make A Woman Feel Wanted," the middle piece of the Trilogy from "Sittin In".  This was the album originally slated to be a Kenny Loggins solo album and became the beginning of one hell of a great duo. There wasn't anything about that album I didn't like. Everyone knows the hits "Danny's Song" and "House at Pooh Corner," but for my money...there is just so much more.

Starting out rocking with "Nobody But You", it then gave every young couple with a baby boy a theme..."Danny's Song."  But then the album picked up steam. Who doesn't remember "I'm thinking back when I was a sailor." You can almost taste the salt air as they sang "Vahevala". At this point, they hit full stride with the Trilogy: Lovin Me, To Make A Woman Feel Wanted and Peace of Mind...flawless. Sorry for the not great video and abrupt end, but you'll get the flavor.

Still kicking it after that, "Back to Georgia" cemented this album as a full-blown classic. But wait, there's more. Right after you've rocked for a good long while, they throw in everyone's favorite rock lullaby "House at Pooh Corner".  Toss in another three fine songs to finish it up and you can understand why my vinyl copy never stood a chance. Of course, there's always the CD and the IPhone and the computer. Just saying.

"Time, time and again I've seen you staring out at me
Now then and again I wonder what it is that you see
With those angry eyes
Well I bet you wish you could cut me down
With those angry eyes"

Aside from the "Sittin In" album, the follow up Loggins & Messina featured the unparalleled  "Angry Eyes". A little guitar, strong bass beat...bring in the drum and kick ass. 7:35 of perfection.

One final taste just because it is so fine. From the wonderful "Full Sail" CD, the one with the beefcake shot on the back...very nice indeed, one of their best "Watching the River Run"

Lots of treats being served up tonight. Take the time to enjoy as many as you like.



  1. have not heard this great music since maybe 123 years ago.How do you like your burger ?

    1. medium rare, served with an icy cold beer. fries are optional.

  2. Nice!! And...way to go Freddie!!! Good man!!! :)