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Friday, March 9, 2012

Hot Vocals: Need Some Water For That Fire

Don't know why the taste of the day popped into my head this morning, but my morning tweet was a lyric from one of his songs. If I'm coherent enough, I like to start the tweeting day with a musical lyric, because..well it's music and there is no better way to start the day, get through the day, or end the day than with music. But I digress.

One of my first memories of Paul Rodgers was, I believe on Midnight Special sometime in the 70s. I'm a little hazy as to exactly when, but I am very clear about what I felt. As the frontman for Free, he came out with a full-balls on vocal of "Ready for Love."  I remember thinking...holy shit, this is one of the greatest vocalists I have ever heard...and this man is sexy as hell (yes, I was a lot younger then, but I ain't dead yet and can still appreciate today what I did back then. oh yes I can). But I digress. 

We all know Paul Rodgers went from Free to Bad Company to The Firm and last year he did a stint with Queen. But the raw vocals of his earlier career cannot be beat.

Here's a nice taste of Free doing a live cut of  "Fire and Water"

Next up a 2002 clip of "Ready for Love"...still sounding and looking fine some 25 years later.

And a nice acoustic version of "Seagull" from the Artists Support Japan series of videos made by a host of rockers/singers in support of the Japanese Tsunami victims.  If you have a chance check out some of those videos. Included in the series are songs by Glenn Hughes, Jimi Jamison, Vic Heart & Tommy Denander, Rosanne Cash and lots more.

Lots to taste today.
Hope you're hungry.



  1. Oooh...good choice for today's blog Kat!! Sexy man...yeah...I ain't dead yet either!!! Yum! ;)

  2. very good choices especally seagull

  3. Agreed and agreed on both comments above :) Okay, gotta get my act together before I take the girl to guitar lessons. Have some catching up to do around here - bad week.

    Have a great weekend!
    Louie's listening with me.

    1. Louie has great taste in music...people, not so sure. good to see ya back G, it's been a while.