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Monday, March 19, 2012

The Music In Danville: First Up, Hybrid Ice

On Kat's Theory of Life, I've begun to tell the story of the road trip to Danville.  While the adventure will be continued there, the trip was after all, about the music.

A little while back, I conducted an interview with veteran rock group Hybrid Ice. This road trip was to see Hybrid Ice perform both alone and as the support band for Jimi Jamison (past & soon-to-be-present vocalist for Survivor). The location of the show was the hometown of Hybrid Ice, Danville PA.

Bob Richardson (keyboards), Chris Alburger (guitar)

Performing in front of a supportive crowd usually makes for a good show. This night was no exception. The assembled troops were ready to party for St. Patty's.  Everything from flashing green earrings to a woman wearing a green beard was in evidence last night. However nothing would detract from the rock-til-you-drop performance by the home town boys.

Rusty Foulke
With a set list encompassing both their original songs as well as a healthy dose of covers, Hybrid Ice showed what years of dedication to your craft can produce. When four of the five members of the group sing, the range of the artists catalog expands greatly. Going from fun songs like "Raise a Little Hell" and "Going Down for the Last Time" to classics such as "Baba O' Riley"  and "Rebel Rebel", Ice seamlessly threw in "Enter Sandman", "Dead or Alive" and a smoking version of the Starship's "Jane."

Rick Klinger on drums, Jason Shaffer on bass
The one thing that becomes clear after seeing and hearing Hybrid Ice is there is no weak link in the group. Bassist Jason Schaffer, the newest member of the group, plays well beyond his years with a pounding beat that along with the wild man drumming of founding member Rick Klinger, drives the rhythm of the band. Rusty Foulke showed throughout the night, both fine technique and a joyful enthusiasm in his role as a lead guitarist. The vocals of guitarist Chris Alburger were never more striking than when singing Hybrid Ice's own "Magdelene" and the man behind the keyboards, Bob Richardson delivers the goods with both precision...and fun.

Halfway into their hour long set, Ice hit the beat heavy and never looked back. With barely a breath between songs, they kept the audience on their feet and singing along for the rest of the set. The veteran rockers in my group all agreed, Hybrid Ice is an incredibly tight group of musicians, full of talent and still enjoying the ride.

Tomorrow: Hybrid Ice & Jimi Jamison



  1. We the rocker chicks from NJ are no longer Hybrid Ice virgin's :-)

  2. Nice to know, at our age, there was at least one more ship that hadn't sailed. Great time indeed.

  3. They rocked it without a doubt! So much fun!!

  4. very happy you had soch a good time.jersey bitch attitude.the sparkle in your eyes when recanting events is priceless