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Thursday, January 30, 2014

There's No Crying In MixTapes


How you define one becomes the entirety of your relationship.  Trust, loyalty, and respect are essential, but so are just “getting” each other. And there are times when we all need one. Whether to make us laugh, share a good cry, go shopping with, or just give each other the silent communication of the “eye” across a room, it’s good to have one. So when the time comes when that person needs a pick-me-up, you can do one of two things: Open a bottle of champagne, get shit-faced and laugh your ass off, or play them some music.

Today, Jen of My Skewed View, has offered that theme for this week’s Twisted MixTape.

First up, let’s look to Bob, because really… the man had an answer for everything.

Bob Marley “Every Little Thing”

Going back a long way, you cannot help but feel better after hearing this song. It's just not possible.

Poco "Good Feeling To Know"

Sometimes, a little reflection is a good thing. "The morning sun is rising, it's kissing the day"

Journey "Wheel In The Sky"

You need me? 

Sam & Dave "Hold On, I'm Coming"

I've actually sent this song to someone who needed it. I may have used it before on a MixTape too. Sue me, it's perfect.

Allman Brothers "Soulshine"

Feeling better? Good. I'll keep the champagne on ice... for the next time.

My Skewed View


  1. Geez I posted a whole comment and then google gave me an error.
    ANYWAY I was saying I love this mix it is PERFECT! I can't believe I didn't include Every Little Thing but it would probably be too mushy for Jimmie Nicol ;-) Plus Soulshine! Love, it just has such a happy feeling to it.
    Also never ever expected you to play because THE GRAMMYS! So thank you so much! You're awesome.
    Now I am hitting copy, incase it happens again.

    1. thanks Jen and by the way LOVE LOVE that you incorporated Jimmie Nicol in there. Very cool, I just haven't had time to comment on your list (go figure) but Howard Jones... one of my guilty pleasures. Such a good song.

  2. Bob Marley AND Journey? I love this!