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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Oops, My Bad: Twisted Mixtape Takes On Mistakes

Mistakes. As Frank sang "I've made a few." Some are inconsequential, while some are life changing. Some come with regrets, some are just learning experiences. Mistakes, that is the theme of this week's Tuesday Twisted MixTape.  Jen from MySkewedView is bringing in the New Year with some soul searching. So let's get started.

I think one of the earliest songs I remember of someone regretting something was from the Bee Gees. Before their disco days, they wrote a lot of songs which had strangely odd lyrics. Like the "New York Mining Disaster." Another song was one about a death row prisoner, a great song, but a little out there as far as subject matter.

"I've Gotta Get A Message To You"

"Got a wife and kids in Baltimore Jack, I went out for a ride and I never went back." Yeah, that might be a mistake. Bruce.

"Hungry Heart"

Then there's the mistake of having some illegal party favors in your hotel room. Oops. The Dead.


Sometimes it's hard to tell if the mistake is in staying... or going. A beautiful song by Tim Buckley.

"I Must Have Been Blind"

And then there's the realization that you know you've made a mistake. Originally recorded by Tyrone Davis, I love the smooth essence that Boz Scaggs brings to it.

"Baby, Can I Change My Mind"

Though they might be about mistakes, there's not one on this list. Turn up the tunes and stay warm.

My Skewed View


  1. Love the Boz, Boss, and Buckley my lfie too.

    well done

  2. thanks Lance, glad the Bee Gee one doesn't fit your life.

  3. I've listened to the Tyrone Davis version of the Boz song many times, but never heard this version. Very awesome, as well as the Bruce and the Dead.

    1. If you like that song, you might want to check out the whole album. "Memphis" is an entire album of covers of mostly those smooth southern r&b songs of the 70s-80s. I think it's a real fine album.

  4. Beautifully done Kath, beautiful. The Tim Buckley song is amazing and Boz Scaggs never fails to please.
    Meanwhile I almost put Jack Straw on mine, but realized I have used that before, Truckin is perfect.
    You know I saw Boz as part of The Dukes of September two years ago, he's still got it!

    1. thanks Jen. I really love the Tim Buckley song. I was hoping to see Boz when he came through last year, but the timing didn't work out. Love his latest album.

  5. Ah, I love 'Hungry Heart'. I love anything Bruce actually! I agree that the Tim Buckley song is really beautiful.

    1. So glad you enjoyed Lizzy, thanks for stopping by.

  6. Why did I not know that Bruce Springsteen wrote "Hungry Heart?"
    Don't answer that.