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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Working and Having Fun: Survivor in the House

On May 18th, I took a road trip two states north to Connecticut. The purpose of the trip was to see the band Survivor play at the Mohegan Sun Casino, and do an interview with lead guitarist and founding member of the band, Frankie Sullivan.

The interview was to take place before sound check and I was given a contact number to verify at 4pm. Well, sometimes plans don't go as expected. Lucky for me, this was one of those times where when things get screwed up, they turn out better than they would have if it all went according to plan.

Not able to get verification by phone, we ended up downstairs as the band did a sound check and got confirmation that the interview would take place, but it would be after the show. So much better. While Frankie might be tired, he would also be more relaxed now that the show was over. It would also let me talk with him about the night's performance.

After the show was over, we were taken backstage to wait for Frankie. On the way in drummer Marc Droubay was already speaking to a few people, but otherwise it was quiet. Bass player Bill Ozzello came by and said a few words and keyboard/guitarist Walter Tolentino stayed for a nice conversation in which I learned the world is a very small place sometimes.

In speaking with Frankie, I found him to be relaxed, open and very responsive. He was as interested in my point of view, as I was in his. It was the kind of conversation where you could have talked for hours, unfortunately at one point security needed to shut down the area for the night.

I didn't get to ask everything I had planned, sometimes you just need to let the interview take its natural course, but I did find out about the decision to bring back original vocalist Dave Bickler to sing alongside Jimi Jamison, the man who replaced him. We also talked about touring, new music and a whole lot more.

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