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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Brainstorming or Brain Dead: Either Way Some Good Music

Just a quick post. Even though I wasn't planning on writing a music blog this morning, sometimes they just write themselves.

Here's how it started. Watched a clip on youtube the other day, a trailer for the upcoming Beth Hart/Joe Bonamassa release. Let me tell you, that album is gonna blow it out of the park. Anyway it was a little tease of Beth doing Tina Turner's "Nutbush." Unbelievable. Watch it here.

Anyway, that song has been in my brain ever since, so I decided to tweet and post on FB the original by Tina and another version of her doing it 30+ years later. That's when the conversation began. One of my online friends Lance, creator of the 100 Word Song Challenge that I do quite often, replied that the weather where he lives in Atlanta was nasty and the song he was hearing in his head was "Flood" by Jars of Clay. And so it went.

So, here is the conversation... in song. Putting in all the videos, take a look.

"Ever wake up with a song bouncing around your brain. Yeah that."

"And half lifetime later, she still rocked it."

Lance answered with... it won't stop raining here so I woke up with this: 

Jars of Clay "Flood"

I replied "bummer,bout the rain.not the music. hopefully you won't be...lost in the flood."

Lance came back with "well, at least I don't live in Texas, although hanging w an alive Stevie Ray would've been worth the rain"

And it ended with me saying "well hell yeah. but you know he couldn't stand the weather...   damn I miss that man."

A fun conversation and some great music for a Sunday morning.
Hope it keeps bouncing around in your head.



  1. awesome

    I read this when I was at the grocery store and I was singing along to each song. I'm pretty sure security was called but I left before they got me.

    That was fun. What I liek so much about you is music inspires and comforts you and then you write.

    awesome post

  2. glad you were able to evade security or else I might have had to post "Indiana wants me, lord I can't go back there." Yeah the conversation was too much fun not to share and great music selections a well. True about the music part... it's the only thing I've ever found that takes care of everything... except the bills.

  3. I sometimes think that the best posts are the ones that write themselves - nice!

  4. thanks t. very far behind on your writing. couldn't keep up with my week. soon i hope.