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Monday, May 20, 2013

Almost Showtime: A Preview

Just a little preview as to what's coming up this week. There are a couple of reviews of shows I have seen in the past week, one is Eric Burdon which should be published soon. Then there is a Beth Hart review which is being written now. I'll set up the links here as soon as they go live.

Now about the weekend. It was a road trip which included a show and an interview. So there will be an interview and a review coming on that too. The band was Survivor and the interview was with founding member and lead guitarist, Frankie Sullivan. It was a lot of fun, can't wait to get it all together.

Just a little note about the night. As we were waiting for the interview to start, we were backstage in basically a corridor. The walls were once white, but now were covered with the signatures of all the artists who have played at the Mohegan Sun. As a music nut, it was fascinating to look at the history. Everyone from Sheena Easton to Buddy Guy, Johnny Winter, Toto, the Outlaws, Robert Cray to Air Supply either signed or doodled on the wall. For me, standing there in the same spots of so many gifted musicians, gave me the chills.

I'll be back as soon as I get my stuff together, but in the meantime, here are a couple of photos from the show.

And on the Life blog, I wrote a little bit about the ride up to the Casino in a post titled "Road Trip Blues: A Diary for the Musically Inclined"

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