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Friday, March 1, 2013

A Taste of the Bubbly and Elvis Costello

Because the artist picked in this week's 100 Word Song Challenge is an artist I've had on the list to showcase here on Kat's Theory of Music, and because word on the street is that he blew the doors off of Madison Square Garden the other night at a benefit for fighting teen cancer, it seemed as good a reason as any to enter the challenge again.

The artist for the day is Elvis Costello. It's been far too long to not have one of his songs featured here. The song for the challenge is "Brilliant Mistake."

For today's story, I thought I might combine a little history lesson as well. And even though it didn't happen quite like this, there is some fact behind this fiction.

I take you all to the wine making region of France, sometime in the late 1600's.

Today alone, nineteen bottles burst. The monk worried. With another shortened growing season the fermentation problems had continued. They could not stop the bubbles from forming.

The friar from the nearby Abbey burst through the door, barely containing his joy. “Dom Perignon, word comes from England. What we believed to be bad vintage is now the toast of London nobility. More, more, they cry.”

Hardly believing his ears, the monk rubbed his chin and spoke to his friend “We still have much work. The bottles, the wood stoppers… they must be changed. Perhaps these bubbles are not nature’s mistake. ”

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  1. This was Brilliant!

  2. LOL...thank you, but was it a mistake?

  3. If all history lessons were this compelling, it wouldn't be such a chore to read them! Cheers to you and Mr. Costello!

  4. Love it! It sounds like a story Cliff Clavin would tell :)

    1. HA, would have never thought of it in that context. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Loved it. That last line was perfect, and not a mistake.

    Bobina picked acountry song this week. Hope you can figure out a way to write for it.

  6. Glad you liked it, you know I try to take the path less traveled. The new challenge wasn't the easiest song to come up with an alternate vision, but I did try.