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Saturday, March 23, 2013

How Long Til My Soul Gets It Right

Unless you are both extremely talented and extremely lucky, the perks of being a writer are generally not the ones that buy you a new house, or a winter vacation in a wonderful tropical climate. Nope. For most of us it's a few comments from readers who like your stuff, and an occasional pat on the back from fellow writers. Some of those compliments mean more than others. 

Then once in a while someone asks you to do something fun. This week Lance from myblogcanbeatupyourblog asked me, yes me, to pick out the 100 Word Song Challenge. Now crazy music people like Lance and me have thousands of songs bouncing around in the empty space where those brain cells we've killed off, used to reside.

There is a lot of pressue in making this decision. I write a music blog, my choice could have major ramifications. lmao. Choosing a song to just listen to is a lot different than choosing one to use as a writing prompt. So after much thought and consideration, I came up with an old favorite of mine, and apparently an old favorite of Lance too. Go figure, the classic rock queen and the prince of punk actually agree.

From the 1992 album Rites of Passage, the song is "Galileo" from Indigo Girls. While the song is about reincarnation, verse by verse it can go in a hundred different directions. Usually for these challenges I try to take the road less traveled, but this time I'm going with the obvious.

In 100 words, Galileo

“It’s just déjà vu all over again. Something your mind makes up, it’s not real.” 
Misty stared at Franco, “How can you be so sure?”  
“Because, it’s an illusion.”

Misty shook her head. “What if it’s like that movie, you know Groundhog Day? What if you keep doing it, over and over, and when you get to where you screwed up, bang… that’s when you remember, that’s your déjà vu.”

“Honey, ya got one shot at life, then you’re worm food.”
“Yes, worm food to a worm to…”

“A stripper on a pole. So what were you last time around?”

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  1. Also a favorite of the Drum Mama.....
    Nice choice kat.......

    1. So what do you think we talked about a over a couple of beers a few lifetimes ago? Maybe you shouldn't answer that.