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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blues at the Crossroads: Muddy and the Wolf

There are legends in all categories of music. If you are lucky, sometime in your lifetime you may actually get to see a few. The blues genre has a long lists of legends, each with a distinct style and sound. While the soul of the blues is universal, there are variations in rhythm, the addition or types of horns, and attitude. Chicago, Memphis,  Kansas City, New Orleans, every city has their own sound. Last week I was able to see a show which spotlighted the Chicago blues sound of two of its legends: Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf.

The show featured The Fabulous Thunderbirds and more specifically, vocalist/harmonica master Kim Wilson. Special guests were quite a who's who in the blues business. Guitarists Tinsley Ellis, Jody Williams and Bob Margolin, along with the one and only James Cotton on harmonica.

It was one hell of a show. My full review can be found on at this link: Blues at the Crossroads Check it out, I hope you can get a bit of the feeling I did that night.



  1. I did get the feeling Kat.....what a great show indeed. :-)