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Sunday, February 3, 2013

We All Need A Little Strength

Between writing and life, it's been a very hectic few weeks for me. For the most part it's been fun, but I needed to take a break from a few things to keep the remaining parts of my sanity, as well as sleep from time to time. So after a little hiatus, I'm back on Lance's 100 Word Song Challenge. This week the song was by The Alarm, a British or more accurately Welsh band from the 70's-80's. The chosen song this week is called "Strength."

I've begun to notice I have a very dark side when I write fiction. Go figure.


The chill in Eamon’s bones came not from the Illinois winter, but from the vision he glimpsed of his future. Stoking the fire, he dared not look at the newborn for fear of his emotions: love, hate, fear.

Dirt fell from the shovel onto the planked wooden floor. Tears blurred his vision as he remembered how Abigail would scold him for not cleaning it outdoors. Tomorrow he would write the letter to her family, but tonight he needed to think.

Turning up the oil lamp, the words on her sampler became clear “In God We Trust.”

Lord, give me strength.


  1. Well that was certainly more grim than mine. Great imagery.

  2. yeah, just a tad. It could have been worse. I was toying with the idea of him taking it out on the baby. Would have needed a few more words. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. amazing power, or strength in your story.

    Hemingway said fiction reveals truth. Your dakr side is a part of you. I'm glad you show it to me and 100 word song.

    well done Kath

    1. thank you. as you know, sarcasm is my strong suit, but for some reason when I start thinking in terms of the word-song challenge, the first idea is usually not a happy one. maybe it's you. whatever.

  4. dark...really? maybe just a tad. thank you.