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Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 Songwriting Hall of Fame: JD Souther

On Friday, the Songwriting Hall of Fame announced their inductees for 2013. Since a few of my favorites are included, I thought I'd do a little post acknowledging each one. They are: Joe Perry/Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Mick Jones/Lou Gramm from Foreigner, John David Souther, Tony Hatch and Holly Knight.

The last three may not be the household names the first four are, but the songs they've written are hits through and through. As time permits before the ceremony, we will take a listen to some of the hits created by the inductees. But today, one of my favorites from the 70's.

While his name may not be familiar, his songs are extremely well known. Having had one hell of a run writing songs for both Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles, J.D. Souther has a reputation for chart-topping songs, most notably in the country-rock genre. Moving to California in the late 60's, he met Glenn Frey and the two became friends, writing partners and roommates. Another legend-to-be also lived in the same building, his name was Jackson Browne, with whom Souther also collaborated in songwriting.

Here's a partial list of his songwriting credits:
"Heartache Tonight," "New Kid in Town," "Victim of Love," "Best of My Love," "You're Only Lonely," "White Rhythm and Blues," "Faithless Love," "Prisoner in Disguise," "Border Town," and "Pretty Goodbyes."

In 1974 he joined with Chris Hillman (The Byrds,Flying Burrito Brothers) and Richie Furay (Buffalo Springfield,Poco) and they put out two albums. The first, a self-titled album was one of my favorites.

Let's taste some his his best work as recorded by others and his own interpretations.

Linda Rondstadt "Faithless Love"
The Eagles "Victim of Love"
Souther,Hillman, Furay "Border Town
Bonnie Raitt "Run Like A Thief"
James Taylor/JD Souther "Her Town Too"  co-writers

Just a few delicious morsels from one of country rock's most important composers.

Easy listening for a Sunday morning...or anytime



  1. I've always been a big fan of the guy(s) who write music but stay behind the scenes for the most part. Souther, Mutt Lange (a producer but wrote monster hits, Jim Vallance. All writers who I'm glad are finally getting appreciated for their contributions.

  2. You are so right, brilliant minds are brilliant minds. Just because they're not the ones onstage doesn't mean they weren't responsible for the creativity behind those who are.