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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

John Steinbeck Move Over. I'm Talkin' Dust Bowl

For a while today, I was looking for the Ghost of Tom Joad.

I decided to look at the weather app on my phone to see just how hot it was. Now I believe I have three different weather apps on my iPhone, but since I only interested in the temperature, I went to the regular iPhone weather app.

My town comes up with the temperature of 90. But the present weather condition was... Dust. Now I live a dozen miles out of New York City, so I check their weather and it's also 90 and Mostly Sunny. Maybe I don't live in Jersey, maybe I'm in the freakin' dust bowl. So I go outside and... no dust, no tumblin' tumbleweeds, not a cloud in the sky. It was... mostly sunny.

This Dust condition bothered me, so I kept checking the phone. Apparently the Dust-Up last for hours. though the only dust I saw was indoors not outdoors. Perhaps it was Siri suggesting I do a little cleaning. I really do hate that bitch. But I digress.

Somewhere around the end of the workday, I finally got an all clear message on my phone that it was now Mostly Sunny.

No more flashbacks to The Grapes of Wrath, just a late afternoon sun in Jersey. Dust-free.


  1. Dust is a weather condition? Dang.. and I thought it was hot where I am.

  2. I have never seen such a thing before. And look at the screen background, it was swirling grayness, i.e. dust. and all under a blue sky.