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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

An Empty Chair

Yesterday marked the one year passing of one of this earth's great women. We are also coming up on Father's Day and I'm missing my dad, so when I saw Lance's selection for this week's 100 Word Song challenge, I knew immediately I would be jumping in.

Very simple, take the song as a theme and write 100 words in any form of expression.

This week's song is "Empty Chair" by Don McLean.

One’s in the kitchen, another’s in the living room too. Where I once heard words that made me smile, now just a place where memories linger in open air.

True, the days are less painful now. Though random thoughts still easily bring tears.

Like now.

I hope in twenty years I can still cry for you, as that would mean all you were to me is still in my heart. Though your voice is muted, your words, your lessons, your love is still entwined with my being, and my soul.

My heart is still full, only your chair is empty.

Miss you Pops.

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