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Friday, October 11, 2013

Down In Lousiana with Bobby Rush

Started out the evening listening to a little Americana. Tasty as hell, but more about them in a week or so. After that little treat was over, some fresh blues came across my computer. And damn it was sweet and juicy.

Bobby Rush is a blues man from the way back. Born in Louisiana in the '30s, Bobby did what all musicians did back then, play enough to scratch out a living. And play he did, and he's still playing twenty-something albums later.

His latest release is eleven tracks of blues, funk, soul, and hot licks. From the first few beats of "Down In Louisiana" off the album of the same name, Rush hooks you. A little funky bass, Cajun accordion, and screamin' B3 organ. Produced by Paul Brown who's also the guy smokin' the keys. Totally on fire.

From start to finish, it's real good, Let's have a little taste of the title song.


  1. nice saturday morning taste.if you aint moving while listening to this y'all aint merican.thanks for posting this bayou spicy yumyum

  2. Love this little taste. I'm definitely going back for more. Thanks!

    1. I think you'll enjoy it. Thanks so much for stopping by.