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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Perfect Day with Lou Reed

I've been neglecting my friends. But as we are all in the same boat, the one named "too much shit, too little time," they understand. But it's time to slowing get back to paying back, paying forward... being a good neighbor. So I'm back.

Since Lance is in mourning, as am I, over the loss of our writing fun at Sprocket Ink, I thought it would be nice if I jumped back into his 100 Word Song Challenge. The song this week is a good one too.

We lost Lou Reed this week. Not much you can say other than we've lost someone of great musical importance. Someone who provided the soundtrack to a lot of lives. So even though I had my little Lou salute the other day, he is worthy enough to feature him twice this week.

For those new around our weekly fun, you take the song as inspiration and write exactly 100 words about it. Poetry, prose, a honey-do list, just make it 100 words.

The song is "Perfect Day," and I ask "Is it really?"

He’d waited long enough.

Two years to the day; it was time. Ryan glanced over the room. After cleaning the whole day, time was too short to cook. The Thai restaurant delivered; he’d order her favorite.

She’d been preoccupied lately; stress from work, she said. He worried that she gotten too thin. In his mind’s eye, he could see her smile as he gave her the ring. Ryan could see nothing to ruin this day.

His mind snapped back as Angie closed the door. He saw her red eyes, but before he could ask, she said “I have brain cancer.”

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