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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Above and Below: Or Stuck in the Middle

Sometimes you just don't know where something will lead. 

Yesterday morning quite by accident, I came across a song I hadn't heard before. I thought it was interesting and might be a good suggestion for one of Lance's 100 Word Song entries. So I bookmarked it and went about my day. Later that afternoon I received a message from Lance asking if I wanted to choose this week's song. Ha. I didn't even have to think about it. 

The Bravery is a New York based band who may or may not be still together. Alternative-dance-punk, they released three studio albums. From the second album The Sun and the Moon, this week's song is titled:
"Above And Below."

Take 100 words and use the song as inspiration. That's how we do it. 

"Sometimes it feels like that Steely Dan song “stuck in the middle with you.” Above my head and below my feet, one floor apart and here I am. Stuck.

Ugly people. Ask nicely to be considerate, they laugh in my face. Noise, always noise. Can’t sleep, can’t think.

And Them below. That music. The walls shake. I bang on the floor. They turn it up.
I hate them.

No more.
It all ends.

Blow it all up. No big thing. Learned about it in the Army.
Blow it all up. No more noise. No more pain.

Quiet.  Forever quiet."

Ssshh, zip it.

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