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Thursday, June 27, 2013

There's a Little Hoodoo Going On, Blame It On Billy D

There are a couple of reviews I need to do, but before I get started working on them, I wanted to serve up something new. It's funny all the different ways you find new music. Radio, movies, TV, the internet... all great sources of new and delicious tunes. But by far, the best way is word of mouth. When someone has already heard it and shares it because they are excited about it, well yeah that's the best. That's how I came up with this artist. So first I'll say thanks to Chuck for pointing me in the right direction.

Born in Chicago, Billy Desmond learned about the blues at an early age. By sneaking into blues clubs to hear legends like Muddy Waters and James Cotton, Billy D became well schooled in the blues, right along with good old rock & roll. Billy D moved from Chicago to LA to Santa Fe, and finally to Oregon, learning and perfecting his guitar playing and writing style.

Now we all know I'm a lyrics girl. Billy D's aren't fancy. They don't need to be. They are straightforward and about as honest as you can get. A lot of them aren't real happy, but a lot of them are real good.

Let's sample a few things of his most recent album, Somethin's Wrong.

First up, the title track, "Somethin's Wrong"

Next up "50"

And end it with "Whyya Do It"

Good stuff, worth a listen and then some.


  1. I'll say! Thanks for sharing, Kat, really enjoyed this.

  2. nice tunes Kath,good road music

  3. Wow... I am down with Billy D!!! Absolutely love his "Music Sound."

    Thanks for sharing, Slu

  4. ...and I just found him on Pandora: Sweet!!!

  5. Thank you so much for this! I don't always love ALL of the blues, but I do like a certain sound, and this is very much that sound. Even the boy (who is sitting next to me as I listen) is bouncing in his chair. Good stuff.

  6. I am a blues girl, but I love finding some different stuff too. Glad you and the boy enjoyed. Thanks for stopping by again.