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Friday, June 7, 2013

Mother, Mother: There's Too Many Of You Crying

It's a rainy day. Right now there's a storm coming through as we wait for the remnants of Hurricane Andrea to drench us with around four inches later today. Let's just say, in a sunny mood...  I am not.

I haven't had time to play the 100 Word Song Challenge in a few weeks, which kinda pissed me off because there were some good song choices to work with. So being today is gloomy, in more ways than one, it's time to go over to my dark side, though not too dark this week.

This week's tune was picked by Lance himself, all inspired and shit from his recent vacation to D.C., and who could argue with the greatness and political importance of the tune. From the genius that was Marvin Gaye, this week's song is "What's Going On?"

Released in 1971, it was the title track from Marvin Gaye's eleventh studio album, and it showed a different side of his writing. The concept album dealt with the Vietnam War; those coming home from it and those who never returned. It showed Gaye moving into an area of social consciousness, and it is ranked as one of the greatest albums of all time. The title track sets the tone.

The task of the 100 Word Song is to write something inspired by the title, lyrics or feel of the song, in exactly 100 words.

"What's Going On"

He was the center of the vortex, with flashes of his life spinning around. Slowing… he would catch a glimpse: Rielle in the sunshine, twin brother Tom in his cap and gown, the training, the desert, the explosions. Matt saw it all in vivid color.

His mind told him he was asleep; Matt knew it was something else. A place somewhere between heaven and hell. A place where your soul protects you from reality.

Aware of the bed beneath him, and the beeping sound of the machine taking his vitals; Tom opened his eyes and saw nothing.
“What’s Going On?”

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  1. A classic tune from the 70's with a message for all....."right on"

  2. You know we've got to find a way
    To bring some lovin' here today

  3. u brought the meaning of the song and reality of war&life together in a quite interesting way