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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Snow Turned Into Rain...

Well, well, it has been a busy week hasn't it? It's a new year, still filled with all the same crap, but wide open in the possibility department.

Because he is busy getting his novel ready for publication (aren't we all), Lance has asked his lovely wife Deana to handle the duties this week for the 100 Word Song Challenge. Apparently, Deana with three kids, a job, a household and her own writing, is still able to take up the slack left by her husband's absence. Imagine that.

Deana has chosen a song that I can never listen to without tears filling my eyes. The song is by the late Dan Fogelberg, and there are several of his songs which have that effect on me. He was one great songwriter. A perfect choice to end off the holiday season, this weeks challenge is "Same Old Lang Syne."

A bittersweet song, remembering an old love, the what ifs and the road traveled. Beautiful phrasing, haunting melody and the feeling we have all gone through these emotions. You can't tell a story in a song much better than this.

For those unfamiliar with the challenge, we take the song as a prompt and write a poem, story, conversation, anything, but it must be in 100 words exactly.

Same Old Lang Syne

"BFF’s. Always. 
For almost thirty years, they had spent the last night of the year together. 
Jules knew this New Year’s Eve would be different, had anticipated what it would be like, 
and was sure it wouldn’t be a big deal. 
She was wrong.

She was his best man. He was her everything. 
She was happy for his new life; it was hers she mourned. 
Sooner or later she would become…insignificant. David’s wife was already glowing, 
three more months and a child would further redefine their friendship.

Shivering, she walked alone as the snowflakes met the tears on her face."


  1. Such a tragic love story. I'm sure this happens so many times and goes unnoticed. Terrific writing! And thanks for the props in the beginning of the blog! Somebody's got to take charge in this house!

    1. Thanks Deana and there was never any doubt about the being in charge thing. LOL. hmm, I don't think he's read this yet. double LOL.

    2. I think he read it, he just doesnt want to acknowledge the truth! haha

  2. Beautifully said. That uncomfortable feeling of, "I'm happy for you, BUT..."

  3. Yes, and we all know the feeling...if not to this extreme. Thanks for your words and for stopping by.


  4. A tribute to "The Leader of the Band" xo Thanks Kat xo

    1. another great songwriter gone too soon. thanks hon.

  5. Beautifully done - an interesting take on the, what some would call, jealousy that can be inherent in love.

  6. Thanks t, just another thought about the can men and women be friends argument. does jealousy always enter in it, at some level?

  7. Awww... maybe they can have a Same Time Next Year relationship :)

  8. ..or maybe a Fatal Attraction. "I will not be ignored." ha