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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

John Oates: Mississippi Mile

It's always fun when artists leave their comfort zone and in doing so, come out with something remarkable. Now sometimes it doesn't work that way and it ends up as one of those "what the hell was he thinking" moments.

Today's juicy snack is not one of those.

We all know John Oates...he had quite a run with that other guy, Daryl something. Well last year John Oates released an album straight out of the delta. Mississippi Mile is one tasty collection of covers, including one by Hall & Oates, done up in a blues style. And Oates vocals are quite a departure. Scratchy, raspy and sexy as hell.

Absolutely genius, the lyrics lady, has been getting lost riding shotgun on the guitar ride. Throw in spot-on perfect piano, the right licks on the all adds up to one great big Hell Yeah.

You're gonna know most of these tunes. Listen up, this is good stuff.

Taste it...

"Mississippi Mile"
"All Shook Up"
"Let It Rock"
"It's All Right"
"You Make My Dreams Come True"

Having fun yet...yeah, thought so.


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