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Monday, September 24, 2012

An Easy Ride Today...Just A Little Traffic

Forty-five years ago today, one of rock's most interesting, talented and influential bands made their first live appearance. On September 24, 1967, Traffic played at the Saville Theatre in London.

Traffic was not one of those 3-minute wonder British bands. Their music was diverse, complicated and full of surprises...both melodically and lyrically. Chris Wood, Jim Capaldi, Dave Mason and Steve Winwood...not a bad lineup, don't you agree? Over the years, the line-up changed, but the core four created a legacy which still stands the test of time.

A few tastes today...a bite from a few different albums.

From their first album Mr. Fantasy, reflecting the sound of the time...heavy organ and of course, some cowbell.... "Coloured Rain." 

Off the 1967 release Traffic... "Pearly Queen"

From John Barleycorn Must Die, "Empty Pages"

Low Spark of High Heeled Boys has so many choices, but love Capaldi doing "Light Up or Leave Me Alone."

Ending it off with a little something from Shoot Out at the Fantasy Factory. Never afraid to throw in an instrumental, "Tragic Magic" is mesmerizing.

We've lost both Jim Capaldi and Chris Wood, way too young, Finding joy in their music all these years later gives testimony to their talent and vision.

Savor each little trip, with Traffic...the joy most definitely is in the ride.



  1. Hi again from England...

    I've been playing the 'John Barleycorn Must Die' Cd all thru' this morning...... it's as fresh today, as it was when I first picked up the
    Lp !!

    How many of today's "bands" will still sound this good, in 30+ years ?!!

    Oh well..... !!

  2. Lucky for us, it's still all there to hear. JBMD was the first CD I bought when changing over from LPs. And yes, I still play it often.

  3. wow cool,seen them many times.nost memorable was the capitol theatre in passaic.thats funny considering present&past 24 yrs.winwood&capaldi playing acoustic guitars,chris wood on flute,jhon barleycorn,one could hear a pin drop in audience.that was 42 yrs ago.time flies,good music lives on.thanks for memories babe