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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gary U.S. Bonds Birthday Bash at B.B. Kings NYC

The night was billed as Gary U.S. Bonds with Special Guests, and it was a celebration of Gary’s 76th birthday. This was his seventh B.B. King’s birthday party and it didn't matter who the guests would be, this crowd was there to have fun.

Fun was to be an understatement.

As the band played him onstage to the opening notes of Springsteen’s “Action In The Streets,” Gary, obviously enjoying the moment, had a twinkle in his eyes and a huge smile on his face. That smile did not leave his face all night. And why would it? Bonds still commands the stage, has a natural ease about him as a man who feels right at home in his own skin, a sense of humor, and on this night, was surrounded by beautiful and talented women. On this night, with the exception of two local guitar rockers, Gary’s special guests were all of the female type, and he clearly appreciated every minute of it.

He spent a few minutes talking about some of his dear friends who couldn’t make it to the show:  Ben. E. King, who passed away in April; Springsteen, who apparently was in Europe watching his daughter participate in her equestrian events, and Southside Johnny, for whom he thanked God that he wasn’t there, before getting the crowd going with his rendition of “New Orleans.” It was then time to bring up the first musical guest, singer-songwriter Christine Martucci, who offered a couple of her own soulful tunes before joining up with Gary on another Springsteen treasure “Rendezvous”

For the rest of the recap of the show, please go over to Gary U.S. Bonds Birthday Bash at B.B. Kings NYC at

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