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Monday, May 18, 2015

Scruffy City Film and Music Festival Highlights

The votes have been tallied and the awards presented. The Scruffy City Film & Music Festival has closed shop for another year, but even as we look back at the highlights of this year, work has already begun on ideas to grow the festival and continue to improve it for next year. With the way the festival has evolved over its years of existence, there is little doubt of its shining future.
Knoxville's Market Square
Knoxville’s Market Square, where the festival takes place, is a vibrant open-air space surrounded by retail shops, eateries, pubs, and Scruffy City Hall, a three-floor cine-pub where film showings were followed by music performances. While the Market Square is a constantly changing activity zone, Scruffy City Hall is the chill zone, with seating and a bar on every level including the roof.
Everyone is welcome
Outside, the very dog-friendly atmosphere creates a natural camaraderie, while street performers vie for attention. Some fare better than others. This year the weather was more than cooperative, creating very few empty tables at outdoor restaurant seating where all those dogs were sitting with their owners. Each evening, the festival began with the Knoxville Mercury Mixer where attendees would gather in anticipation of the upcoming events.
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