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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Grammy Awards: The Premiere Show

Cut me a little slack if my Grammy rant has a few incoherent moments. I've been really sick for the past 4+ days and hadn't really even looked at my computer during most of that time. But watching the red carpet of the Premiere show of the Grammy, better known as the early telecast, well there was a moment I just felt the need to discuss.

As the way too perky British woman interviewer was introduced to the two creators of Best Children's Album nominee Appetite for Construction, a third person, a woman, was added to the group. After the two men answered a question or two, the woman was allowed to introduce herself. She very proudly announced she had been privileged to be the voice in the recorded version of I Am Malala. Wow. As someone who does interviews, my ears perked up and ten questions ran through my mind. Did you meet her? How do you set your tone for your work? What about her words touched you the most? On and on.

So what did she ask her? Nothing. She let her finish her sentence of who she was, then giddily went back to the two men and said "I just have to ask you about the cardboard pocket scarves you are wearing." Cardboard pocket scarves. We really need to get better than this people. We really do.

Once the daytime awards began things were better. If you never seen the early awards, it's just awards and a few musical performances. No commercials, no stupid banter between presenters, no over the top music extravaganza. It's a lot of awards given quickly.

After seeing Mike Farris play in NYC a few months ago, I knew he deserved to win a Grammy, Well, he did. Shine For All The People took home the award for Best Roots Gospel Album, well deserved for his music, even more appreciated for his road getting there.

It was bittersweet seeing Edgar Winter pick up the Best Blues Album award for his brother Johnny's Step Back. Johnny Winter was one of those guys you never expected to live as long as he did, but were still shocked when you heard he had died.

Nice for Rosanne Cash to have her Bonnie Raitt moment and win three Grammys about a hundred years since her last one. And damn, if you haven't seen the Old Crow Medicine Show live, just do it.

It's almost time for the main event to begin. Last year I was in the building, this year I'm in my pajamas. My feet hurt a lot less this year, but it's not quite as exciting.


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