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Friday, July 11, 2014

Dark Sunglasses: Don't Leave Home Without Them

Nothing is worse after a late night than a beautiful sunny morning. That observation, and the prompt from Linda, who chose the Chrissie Hynde song "Dark Sunglasses" for Lance's 100 Word Song, made this week's entry relatively easy to put together.

So... when we last heard from the partners-in-crime...

As she lay on the bed lost in memories of the night before, the dark sunglasses shaded her eyes from the morning sun beaming through the hotel room window. Damn that was fun. 

Rock & Roll always is. 

Just the right ratio of music and booze. Not enough to make bad decisions, but enough for a good time.

Almost time for a shower, breakfast and the trip back to the place called Reality. A lot of shows, a lot of road trips, and a lot of laughs, over a lot of years. Wouldn't change a thing.

No retreat. No surrender.

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  1. Oh god, this was so good, Chrissie might use these words in an extended version of the song, Great 100. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Lance. Photo taken the morning after the last Springsteen show. A grand time was had by all.

  2. Replies
    1. It was more fun being there. Thanks Donetta.

  3. My problem was, I could never stop at "just enough for a good time." I went on beyond into "party till you puke or end up with someone bad for you." I still love the music, but the booze and the bad boys are out of my life. It's less exciting, but I'll live longer.
    My piece is here.

    1. Never had that much extreme to deal with, loved your piece. thanks for stopping by and the link.