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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Hey California" by Applegate Nance

Ok kids, gather round. New music to be heard today.

At Earth Hertz Records, we have been waiting for this video to finish being edited. It was worth the wait.

Applegate Nance are two very talented guys living in Nashville, but dreaming of heading out to the West Coast. Their first release from Earth Hertz is that story.

"Hey California" is just fun. I heard Arlo Guthrie say that California is a giant magnet for young men, especially musicians. He said men hit a certain age, and the west coast starts calling. I have a feeling Mike Applegate and Kyle Nance will make it out there before too long.

You can read their story on the Applegate Nance bio page. But for now, time to relax a bit and enjoy the video.



  1. This is awesome Kath! I didn't expect much, sorry :-) You know how I feel about new music, but this is so happy and the melody and harmonies are very pleasing to my ears!

    1. They are very talented for being such young guys. You can listen to the rest of their EP here: It's all good.